The Five Elements:

Your leadership development journey begins with the foundation stone of Authentic Leadership.
It’s here you define your own version of success harnessing both personal and professional fulfilment from the start.
Upon completion, you’ll confidently and competently articulate your core values – a trademark all highly effective leaders radiate.
Leading Courageously is the first pillar of i3 Leadership and shield maiden of trust.
Highly effective leaders possess the essential skills needed to navigate ethical conflicts in the board room and beyond.
Having the skills taught here means you can make a stand for what matters not just on your average days, but when it matters the most.
It’s powerful stuff and with everything within i3 it’s proven to work and designed to impact quickly.
Leading With Trust is the central pillar of i3 Leadership for good reason. When we Lead with Trust there is literally an integrity dividend at work (ROI can be as much as $250,000 per annum).
Few people start out intending to breach trust and yet some of our most well-intentioned actions can undermine integrity and credibility.
With the self-awareness skills and techniques learned here your word of steel becomes as valuable as gold.
Leading with Trust provides you with the tools and radical conviction to effectively recalibrate relationships and re-energise teams.
Leading With Candor is the third pillar and second shield maiden of Trust.
Here you’ll become skilled at creating the right environment to nurture highly effective teams.
Learning the latest psychological strategies which assist forging trust at a deeper level, within your team and at organisational level too.
Applied consistently, you’ll harness the full power of Authentic Leadership and drive marked success.
Leading with Grit is the very capstone of i3 Leadership. This element provides the tools and techniques to ensure you have the discipline and motivation to see your vision through to fruition, taking your team, organisation and stakeholders along with you.
We’ll give you the keys to unlocking your own Motivational Coding® and the confidence to understand and apply this to others.
It’s the secret sauce of i3 Leadership™. Developing i3 Leadership is both a powerful philosophy and a collection of tools guaranteed to drive your performance to the next level. It’s unique because it’s authentically built upon my triple skill set; I’m a business psychologist, a certified executive coach and a seasoned, successful leader.


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