Ready to take your performance to the next level?

Strategically designed employing the latest, cutting-edge psychological research to maximise your opportunity for success.

Three master components:

Mindset Orientation, Success Strategy & Motivation Maintenance.

These components are used continually as we work together, but are introduced in a very specific order designed to secure rapid results.

Over the duration of a typical 6 month programme you'll become fluent in their application and adept at their effectiveness. Each programme is designed to meet individual requirements and should we decide more immersive work is needed to secure rapid results, my programme has been designed to facilitate such requests. 

Mindset Orientation

After completion, you'll understand not only your own motivational style, but how to influence others.

Result - You're set to harness the full power of your motivation and communication styles.

Success Strategy

Result  – Your highly bespoke roadmap with meaningful metrics, allows you to step confidently in the direction of success. Celebrating both short, medium and final accomplishment milestones.

Motivation Maintenance

Result – You’re able to maintain progress towards your goals, adapting mindset and method where necessary.

3 months into your programme – at this point your face-to-face and zoom sessions focus extensively on the application and success of your bespoke Motivation Maintenance™ sessions


Our final face-to-face-session -  will leave you both energised and elevated. Your new strategies and toolkit will have been encoded and now a master of positive genius yourself, you’ll be excited to continue your journey without the need for further support.