Are you?

Dealing with intense levels of pressure and relentlessly hounded by demanding decisions that few who surround you are likely to understand?

Nursing a growing resentment as you watch colleagues consistently praised for your hard work and ideas?

Isolated in your post, not sure of who to trust?

Sound familiar?

Is it time to discover the power of working authentically, working with a mentor who understands the pressure of leadership?

A consultant who can guide you in the best strategy for you?

Someone who carries both the academic smarts and entrepreneurial experience to ensure your success?


…well here’s the good news – you’re in the right place!


I work blending coaching, mentoring and consultancy skills, and my ‘Geared for Success’™ programme employs the latest cutting-edge research, including my own, from the fields of both Positive Psychology and Leadership Development, ensuring results you may not have believed possible. Results like:

Levelling-up your performance by employing the awesome power of your motivational style.

Smashing through the resistance which has held you back for years and limited your full potential

Maintaining progress towards your goals, especially adapting mindset and method when faced with even the most aggressive of challenges.

Results which have seen the majority of my clients progress into senior leadership roles, with 97% rating their overall satisfaction with performance improvement levels as “significantly more effective”.

These results are made possible by implementing the techniques taught in my ‘Geared for Success’™ programme, designed to world class level, backed by cutting edge research in Positive Psychology.

So you can enrol on my programme confident of two things - it's built on the firm foundation of solid scientific research and like most things, it will only work if you do!

If we’re going to work together you’ll need to be “all-in” for the next 6 months.

You can’t be juggling two commitments or enrolled on any other programmes. You need to be able to give this your full focus.

So, if you’re one of these people who likes to “dabble” in and out of projects and programmes – you might as well stop reading now – this is not for you. 


But if you can commit 100%, I’d love to work with you and help you level-up your performance and secure results worthy of your full potential.


Here's how my Executive 1-2-1 Masterclass works:


Ahead of your ‘Mindset Orientation & Success Strategy Day’ you’ll have access to my Online Innovation Portal and complete a Strengths Profile online. This is where your exciting emotional labour is logged in between sessions. You’ll also be able to see any bespoke resources in your own file area.


On the day, I’ll work with you on your Mindset Orientation™ and you’ll leave with a clear Success Strategy Plan™.


Each month we’ll share a 30-minute Zoom support call, followed two weeks later by a two-hour face to face session. Each call is recorded and uploaded to your Innovation Portal for future reference and notes from our face to face sessions can also be immediately accessed here.


Using industry leading technology via my Innovation Portal, I’ll be able to support you in between sessions when the going gets tough, and recognise your breakthrough achievements when it’s time to celebrate!


3 months into your programme – informed by the science of perfect timings, at this point your face-to-face and zoom sessions focus extensively on the application and success of your bespoke Motivation Maintenance™ techniques.


Our final face-to-face-session will leave you both energised and elevated. Your new strategies and toolkit will have been encoded and now a master of positive genius yourself, you’ll be excited to continue your journey without the need for further support.



Working with me can range from £3,500 to £10,000 dependent upon the level of immersive work required.

Payment Plans are available

A example 6-month Intensive programme includes:

Mindset Orientation & Success Strategy Day (including lunch) - Blythe Valley Innovation Centre

Immediate access after Strategy Day to your Online Innovation Portal providing access to me for support in-between sessions with personal online vault for individual resource sharing and metrics monitoring.

Strengths Profile Testing: Expert Report

6 zoom support calls (recorded and forwarded to you)

6  1-2-1 sessions


Your investment cost 


On my Exclusive 1-2-1 Mastermind programme, I only work with 15 individuals each year and I speak with each person individually to discover whether they are a suitable match for my programme. As my time, like yours, is both limited and precious and to ensure I work only with serious professionals, a fully refundable £150 deposit is payable (refunded at the end of our call).


This is to demonstrate your commitment. From my perspective, if someone won’t pay £150 for my 30 minute Discovery Call, there’s no way they’ll be prepared to invest their time and resources in securing their success. Quite simply, this is an effective way to pre-qualify my clients.


Be reassured when you book a Discovery Call, there’s no obligation whatsoever. If either of us decide this opportunity isn’t right for you, your deposit will be refunded to you immediately.


If you’d like to reserve your Discovery Call, just click the link below to book in and pay your fully refundable deposit of £150.


See Online Booking Page